Free Fire

Free Fire

By Ben Wheatley

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2017-04-21
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 30min
  • Director: Ben Wheatley
  • Production Company: Rook Films
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 836 Ratings


Set in a colorful yet gritty 1970s Boston, Free Fire opens with Justine (Oscar® winner Brie Larson), a mysterious American businesswoman, and her wise-cracking associate Ord (Armie Hammer) arranging a black-market weapons deal in a deserted warehouse between IRA arms buyer Chris (Cillian Murphy) and shifty South African gun runner Vernon (Sharlto Copley). What starts as a polite if uneasy exchange soon goes south when tensions escalate and shots are fired, quickly leading to a full-on Battle Royale where it’s every man (and woman) for themselves.




  • Want my time back

    By pman2012
    Don’t watch it. I would like my hour and a half back.
  • Boring

    By ATMMD
    I don’t want my money back, just the 40 minutes I wasted watching before I turned it off.
  • Quite good

    By CattapanComics
    It's quite entertaining. Good enough to rent and enjoy. I liked 'Free Fire'. After watching the trailer, I viewed it because it is A) All set in the '70s ... B) starring Brie Larson and also stars C) Cillian Murphy. The talented writers & actors make this funny bloody movie worth a trip into this genre and time era once again.
  • Entertaining

    By Reddz2856
    this is a basic movie.. gun deal gone back.. shoot out in a warehouse for a hour and a half... not laugh out loud funny the whole movie.. but i was surprised how they kept me entertained for an hour of laying on the ground shooting at each other, hurling insults and cracking jokes.. i though it was a good movie.. not special.. but something i havent seen yet and gave me something to laugh at
  • bad

    By carli4475
    I have no words is that bad
  • There are highs and there are lows

    By KillerInk_13
    The movie is at its best when it plays like a comedy of manors during a shoot out. Then there are extended scenes of people crawling through dirt. Army Hammer is really great in this movie. You may be bored but I dont think you'll hate yourself for watching this movie.
  • Keep shooting, Wheatley

    By Give Life Back 2 Music
    You might actually hit something next time.
  • So bad it was overpriced at .99

    By Kinner Neveda
    A truly terrible film with some otherwise fine actors. Gratuitous and nonstop violence meats video game style reality. Brie Larson seems out of place here. Cillian Murphy should be embarrassed for cashing the check he was paid for making this bomb. We could barely make out what Sharlto Copley was saying and the whole film is just an interiminably long shoot-em-up. Presumably this appeals to those who play violent video games, but for the rest of us, no thanks.
  • Slight and disappointingly stupid

    By GardenKeeper
    Gunfire galore by some of the worst shots outside of the Empire. Disappointing.
  • Bloody but funny

    By marj mc
    Weak in plot , but the characters were hilarious. This movie was unexpectedly funny.



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