In Fabric

In Fabric

By Peter Strickland

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2019-12-06
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 57min
  • Director: Peter Strickland
  • Production Company: BBC Films
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 163 Ratings


A lonely woman (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), recently separated from her husband, visits a bewitching London department store in search of a dress that will transform her life. She’s fitted with a perfectly flattering, artery-red gown—which, in time, will come to unleash a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil, threatening everyone who comes into its path. From acclaimed horror director Peter Strickland (the singular auteur behind the sumptuous sadomasochistic romance The Duke of Burgundy and auditory gaillo-homage Berberian Sound Studio) comes a truly nightmarish film, at turns frightening, seductive, and darkly humorous. Channeling voyeuristic fantasies of high fashion and bloodshed, In Fabric is Strickland’s most twisted and brilliantly original vision yet.




  • What did I just watch

    By TheReddieWhipGod
    The movie has an interesting theme with a dress being the killer, but aside from that the movie was nothing. There is maybe 3 scenes in the whole two hour movie that the dress actually attacks. If your expecting a well organized movie, than look somewhere else
  • nice

    By nothingsounds420
    compelling stuff i gotta say
  • Stupider and not as good as Rubber

    By Joe Fuss
    With the 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating, we had high hopes for this one. We like weird movies. We like many stupid movies. We hated this. It reminded us of Rubber, with a serial killer tire, but much much worse. Not even worth the rental. Terrible.
  • Tragically Funny

    By bkd1
    Stiickland is very talented. Subtle, witty writing and directing. I'm still thining about it. The horror which is not so subtle is bizarre enough, doesn't take itself too seriously. "the model showered extensively before she wor the dress!" Great characters and great dialog. A machine washable red silk dress in size 36 which magically fits any woman lured by the risk of becoming dangerously attractive albeit with a skin rash. But the dress itself is dangerous as it leaves the closet or suitcase flying up above, about to start real trouble. You really have to see this!
  • Fav movie

    By riptumblr
    My favorite movie rn😭
  • Unique, captivating, funny, scary, absurd...

    By nyctelecaster
    A film about a cursed dress. It was unique, captivating, funny, scary, absurd…. The other worldly Fatma Mohamed is extraordinary, as well as the entire cast . Minor comment - I enjoyed that the film cast actors - who looked like “real” people.
  • Not for everyone

    By Boyinthestreets
    This isn’t a film for everyone. For me it was the aesthetic and cinematography that made it really entertaining.
  • Weird but interesting

    By planetw
    It's like the movie "The Neon Demon". Very weird but there is something that jsut makes you want to keep watching, not sure about the ending but it feels like the story just goes on
  • Colorful, complex, comedic, killer!

    By JacobDude
    From the opening title to the twist ending that mutates the perception of everything seen previously. I was floored by everything in it. The placement of key events and information takes an expert’s mindfulness and it’s obvious this writer / director is more in tune than most to these points. I can’t say enough about this, I’m stunned!
  • I wasted money

    By brandonrox14
    That was positively awful. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not a hint of anything scary, logical, or even fun. I can’t believe I wasted money and two hours of my life on this



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