Kill List

Kill List

By Ben Wheatley

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 2012-02-03
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Ben Wheatley
  • Production Company: Warp X
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 529 Ratings


From director Ben Wheatley (DOWN TERRACE), KILL LIST is a mind-blowing genre concoction being called the “#1 Horror Film of the Year” (Bloody-Disgusting). A brilliant blend of family drama, hitman action-thriller and terrifying psychological horror film, KILL LIST tells the story of an ex-soldier turned contract killer who is plunged into the heart of human darkness. Eight months after a disastrous hit job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, Jay (Neil Maskell) is pressured by his partner Gal (BIFA Winner Michael Smiley), into taking a new assignment. As they descend into the bizarre, disturbing world of the contract, Jay’s world begins to unravel until fear and paranoia send him reeling towards a horrifying point of no return.




  • mission accomplished

    By Bgbdbrd
    If you came to this film expecting something in that has some monster/creepy/conventional kind of thingy, move on, keep looking... if you want something cynical, horrible, and just freakin' sick... welcome home... I'm now disturbed...
  • Awful!

    By Films2000
    This film was a huge waste of time. Not entertaining in the least bit. The ending was the worst part of the entire movie. The storyline was ridiculous. Also I couldn't hear half of what anyone was saying in the film,poor sound. If it was something I hadn't spent money on, I would have turned it off after the first five minutes.
  • I must be dumb

    By Sucked In!
    Either I am stupid or this movie is. Much too out there for someone that wants to chill, be numb and entertained. If I wanted to enjoy it, I'd have had to think more. Pass if you watch movies to pass time. Probably watch if you are a film student
  • Beautifully made, well acted, short on story . . .

    By Sadie/Rita
    This is a beautifully made, well-edited, well-acted film. I think it's clear that Ben Wheatley is a talented filmmaker, however he and his wife/co-writer Amy Jump are not gifted storytellers -- at least not at this point. There really isn't much of a story here, just a string of symbols that, with a little thought, can add up to a variety of interpretations -- either about the story itself, or the subtext. Whichever interpretive road one goes down, in my view, the result is clever, but ultimately facile. Religion, anti-religion, war, the loss of culture, greed/money, hunter vs. hunted, soldiers who enlist to fight war but realize after they come home that the war doesn't end so they turn on themselves and their loved ones, consumerism, poorly thought out ideologies, the search for self, assassin irony, false-hierarchies, etc. These themes and ideas are all hinted at, but none are examined, and the film has nothing to say about them. Ben Wheatley has stated that he believes in Stanley Kubrick's idea/approach of having Non-Submergible Units comprise a film. However, Kubrick also stated that there must be at least six or seven. This film has maybe two, and even saying that may be too generous. There is also the disappointment of having to watch intelligent and interesting characters act out increasingly silly and illogical scenarios. All the characters within act and react because the Twist insists on it, not because their actions move a plot forward or because their actions have any reasonable motive. I am interested to see what this filmmaker produces in the future, but his first two films, in my view, feel and play more like exercises/sketches rather than fully-formed cinema.
  • Pay Attention

    By Biffington III
    There is a lot more going in this movie than people give it credit for. Pay close attention, this is one of the best hitman horror movies I've ever seen. Fear, paranoia and moral terror are its cornerstones. Basically if you don't have any intellect and want the mainstream horror movie drivel don't watch it because you're to stupid to get it.
  • Only certain people should watch

    By PTownSimon
    Fantastic movie. To me it's all about how the corruption of violence eventually spreads like a cancer through your whole life until it consumes you completely. I don't understand the 1 star reviews, especially the ones that said the movie was boring, not scary, and not violent enough to be jarring. This movie reminds me how I need to keep violence away from my life and I'm thankful it was done in such an intense, multi faceted way. This kind of story is much scarier than fantasy horror because I know this kind of disgusting underbelly of society exists in the world. A truly horrible story done well.
  • Really, really bad.

    By Thor (Hammer of God)
    I just don't get it. I saw great reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and from folks on this feedback site, but this movie was just really bad. I would have given it one start, but there was at least some acting involved. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen, and when it finally did, the movie was over. Everything was contrived to lead up to the end which was super obvious and ridiculous. If you think about anything after-the-fact you'll realize how dumb the whole thing is. I really wish I saw in this film what the others saw in it, as I can't fathom how one would give this even 4 stars much less 5, but it was just stupid. There are some good angry yelling scenes, but they get old. I'd have watched this over listening to Yoko Ono, but not by much. I certainly would like to have my $4.99 and 1:35 minutes back. t
  • One of the creepiest movies I've ever seen!

    By Jew Bear
    While a lot of people will be turned off by slowish start, if you have the patience to tough it out then you'll enjoy one of the most vicious psychological horror films of the year if not decade!
  • I Wanted to Like It...

    By sc1996
    I watched this movie thinking it would be a horror movie, and I like what IFC Films have been putting out recently. But, this one was a total disappointment. I don't mind slow movies as long as they have interesting plots and/or some cool stuff here and there, but this movie barely had anything like that except for like five brutal killings spaced apart through the film. And I very rarely get bored while watching a movie, but this one had me wanting to fall asleep. Yes, most of the killings are fairly gruesome, but that's not enough to keep me entertained. Also, it took me a while to figure out what was actually going on. The characters' accents were sort of hard to understand, and there were a lot of things that you had to think about to understand. But I've got to give this movie credit for the last 20 minutes. These 20 minutes, in my opinion, had the best scenes in the whole movie. And it's actually pretty creepy, unlike the rest of the movie up until that point. The ending was very shocking, too; I definitely did not see it coming. So if you're thinking about watching this movie because you love scary movies, you might want to do some research first because this movie is NOT a scary movie. If you like psychological thrillers or movies about family issues, you could possibly enjoy this one, or you could be like me and be dozing off for an hour and 35 minutes.
  • Heed the warnings

    By Wien 0770
    This movie was nothing short of confusing and completely awful . Ugh what a stupid movie. If I could give it minus stars I would!!



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