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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2020-08-19
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 96.72 MB
  • Developer: 诚 陈
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.54545
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Spend countless hours reading stories from talented & experienced authors with daily updates. Multiple genres included. Romance, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Mystery, Humorous and more. You could always find one you like! Super easy to read, all you need to do is to open Flipread and flip the eBooks. Customize your own way to read. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. Try Night Mode to make reading easier before bedtime, and Auto-Read liberates your hands. Enjoy reading when you're offline. Rate and review the books you’ve read, read reviews from story-loving like you!



  • Love it. ‌    ​

    By KristynKipf
    This is an interesting app, you “buy” chapters of each book and you can earn coins for various tasks, as well as purchase coins. There’s also subscription options.‍  ‌ 
  • 5 Stars    ‍ 

    By everett abernathy
    I had come across this app on Fb. At first I didnt think I would like it. I do not like that whole buy by the chapter stuff. However, I have found myself really enjoying this app & the stories some ppl have put together. It can get a bit expensive with some book, when they charge like 70+ coins, but I’ve come across some really good stories that I couldn’t help but spend money on coins to read. There are some very talented red writers on this app. But what’s even better, you can try your hand at story telling too. This is def a great app not only for reading great books, but it’s also great cuz if you’re into writing yourself, you can write one, while ppl give you criticism to help improve your writing potential & get money for doing so. I def would recommend this to fellow writers & those whom love to read.​ ‍   ‍ ‍‍
  • 5 stars      ​

    By browdermcraes
    This book indulges me in a world of werwolves and vampires and I just love it. I have a craving to always read a book because of this app. Before I had Flipread I did not really enjoy books cause they really were not about topics I like to read about. When I found Flipread it gives me the opportunity to read all of my favorite books. ‌    
  • Agree with the good ‌   ‌ 

    By HobartJeanettev
    This app is an good place to read stories, though it’s unfortunately you have to unlock certain chapters using coins. Although it’s annoying, it at least gives you rewards to earn them instead of buying. Overall, it’s still a good place to read stories from different authors.   ‍  ​​
  • Worth it ‌    

    By neeley opal
    They have good stories just every chapter cost coins that you have to pay for, so it can be a little expensive. I do enjoy the stories though! But the cost is basically as if you bought an actual book. So maybe making the stories a little bit more affordable would be great! But definitely worth reading, I’m very addicted! ‍ ‍​     
  • Ehh it’s alright depends on what you are looking for.     

    By leandra cronin
    It is good, although the grammar can get a little annoying, but understandable since some stories are written by people who don’t have editors. And I hate how after nine or five chapters or “episodes” you have to pay with coins. It would be nice if there were ways to earn coins, rather than pay with actual money. But the stories I have read are pretty enticing. ‍ ‌    
  • Love this app!!!     ‍

    By Violeta_Spiveyr
    So far, I’m liking it. The books are great, some of which are on wattpad, in case you’re not the type to want to keep buying coins. But overall, it’s a good reading app. Something to do with your extra time. Will update if anything changes.‍ ‍‍     ‌
  • please download this app. 100% the best. july 31, 2020     

    By Sepulveda_Waiq
    The app is amazing and I’m addicted to the stories. I saw another comment suggesting ads? I think that is a wonderful idea and u can still have the option to then remove ads so really I wouldn’t be losing money at all and instead would probably be making more considering u would have more readers. I also would suggest adding 100 coins every hour so that ur viewer continues to come back and not read the whole thing in one go THUS making more money. I see u commenting on other post that the money supports authors but we would still be supporting the authors ,even more possibly ,just in a different way. ​     
  • Love it!! ‍   ‌​ ‍

    By varner dell
    Grammar is not the best, it disrupts the read. Definitely don’t like that you have to purchase every chapter. I think in general the idea of this app is wonderful. ‍    ​   
  • So far pretty good       

    By dewitt piper
    This is an incredible app with awesome stories. I do not understand the complaints about the coin situation. These authors spent several hours writing these stories and it is our duty as readers to support their talents. The mentality of enjoying their work for free does not sit well with me. I was happy to purchase coins for the stories I enjoyed. All the best to you guys. You are a talented bunch!  ‌ ‍



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