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Navigate global markets with Barron’s, the world’s premier investing publication. Get the trusted insights and in-depth analysis that have been guiding investors since 1921. With comprehensive financial analysis, daily commentary, and investment strategies from Wall Street’s best minds, the Barron’s app gives you access to critical news moving global markets, wherever you are. Now available direct to you on the iPhone and iPad—never miss an opportunity to catch the next rally, or avoid the next correction. Download the app today and get instant access to Barron’s exclusive articles, providing you with critical insights and forward-looking analysis on stocks, bonds, commodities, funds and more. Plus, receive top investment ideas, recommendations and in-depth coverage of developments shaping global economies and affecting business around the world. Simple to use, intuitive and beautifully designed in keeping with the print magazine’s format, the new Barron’s app allows you to easily access the information you need, when it matters most. The recently redesigned Barron’s app has countless new features, including a new download and save feature—giving you access to investment articles, daily financial news and insightful analysis whether you’re at home connected to Wi-Fi, or commuting to and from work. Additional key features include: * Insightful reporting on business, financial markets, the economy and global indexes—including U.S., Asian, European and emerging markets. * Access to real-time stock quotes within articles—plus, interactive charts and key metrics to help you identify the next investment opportunity for portfolio. * Full articles from Barron’s iconic, Saturday print edition—published each weekend when the newest issue hits newsstands. * Full access to Barron’s U.S. and Asia Editions * New user-friendly design—clean, sleek and optimized for iOS devices. * Plus, access to Barron’s previous print editions. * Widgets to view Top Stories picked by The Barron's Editors Barron’s offers comprehensive investment articles, economic data releases and unrivalled financial analysis that helps you put breaking news into perspective—allowing you to understand what’s being reported and the impact it has on your funds, the financial markets, business and the global economy. In addition, the new Barron’s app also gives you the tools and data you need to navigate global indexes, pick stocks and outsmart the market. With access to real-time stock quotes within articles, interactive charts and key metrics, as well as exclusive insight from Wall Street’s best minds and unrivalled financial news coverage, you’ll always have the information you need, when it matters most. The subscription-based, full version of the Barron’s app gives you complete access to Barron’s, the world’s premier investing and finance publication—get daily updates from Wall Street’s best, plus peerless financial reporting and business insights. With a new design, optimized for iPhone and iPad, the new Barron’s app allows you to navigate global markets with confidence. Download the Barron’s app today and see why we’ve been a trusted source for financial reporting since 1921. New subscribers pay only $19.99 a month for unlimited access to Barron’s on iPhone, iPad and Barron’s Online. Subscriptions include a 4-week free trial. Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. By downloading the app you agree to the Dow Jones Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Cookie Policy:



  • Simple things overlooked

    By Saildad_2000
    Why is it that the WSJ can’t even get the simple things right in their apps. For years you could not access the app if there was an update available. That was problematic as we don’t always have Wi-Fi to update when trying to read the appear. They finally got that fixed and the new update requires you to login again. This is a very easy fix so it must mean that they just don’t care about their customers.
  • Login issues

    By Brainplanet
    The app keeps making me log in every time I try to use it. Ridiculous. This App is the only way I read this publication, and this is so annoying that I will have to cancel my subscription if it is not fixed.
  • I left

    By xgh
    Sort by date and come to your own conclusion as to what Barron’s is rated. 4.6 stars looks like wishful thinking. After over 50 years subscribing to Barrons, I cancelled my subscription. Following Murdoch's purchase, the better writers left. The current articles just aren't well written or very insightful. Much like its sister publications the Sun or NY Post. All expected with the change of ownership.
  • Great app

    By khgyrfhhydsefhhh
    Good timely articles based on which one can actually act upon and invest.
  • Come on guys. You can do better!

    By JohnF12345
    The content is great but the app is horrible. It keeps auto playing ads with sound, despite having my volume all the way down and the switch turned Off. And I have to log in numerous times. I expect better from a prestigious periodical. Looks like this is happening to several other people too Let’s get this right!
  • Requires log in too often

    By Syser
    Recently, the app prompts me to daily log in or restore subscription. Restore subscription never seems to work so now I must log in daily. For years, this was not a problem. Please fix the bug and persist logged in state correctly.
  • Annoying video ads

    By App steve
    Was a good app until the last release. Annoying video apps constantly pop up with the sound enabled so you have to constantly mute the ad. To make things even worse it’s the same as over and over. I basically have to hit the mute button 4 to 5 times in every article I read.
  • Horrible: audio advertisements on paid print content

    By turn off audio adds
    Barrons Texh ad team: are you idiots? Your readers are reading and commonly multi tasking on phones while reading the paid for content. You have just killed the ability to read Barrons on a phone while doing anything else (conference calls, meetings, etc.) by having audio adds pop up. There is no ability to disable this feature. Turn it off or lose customers. You clearly don’t understand your customer base by enabling audio adds over text content. Fix it or lose customers…
  • Obnoxious video ads

    By VolatilityQuant
    Recently the app starts playing annoying video ads with sound while I am trying to read. I tried muting the ad, but it starts up again as I scroll down a little to read the story. I am paying for my Barron’s subscription and I am disgusted by these obnoxious ads. I have to turn my sound volume down to zero while using the app, and then remember to turn it back up when done. The app needs a way to choose sound off all the time. Also it now makes me log in constantly. The app is updated weekly and requires I log in after each update.
  • Disable Autoplay Advertisements

    By ~9845
    I don’t want to hear commercials when I’m reading, especially on a platform for which I already pay a subscription fee!!!!



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