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The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has been the most authoritative voice reporting on China and Asia for more than a century. As Hong Kong’s English-language newspaper of record, our international team of Asia experts, reporters, journalists, photographers and filmmakers are dedicated to providing breaking news and analysis from Hong Kong, China and beyond. Our unique home base of Hong Kong allows us to have in-depth understanding of the China story from an insider’s perspective, while enjoying a high level of press freedom and independence granted by the city’s special constitutional principle of “One country, two systems”. Today, our dedication to representing the region with our editorial motto, “truth and fairness” is more relevant than ever before. Our new app is our biggest app update ever. The update lets you explore curated content tailored to your news interests with My News, and informs you on the stories that matter to you with the redesigned top menu that allows you customise your reading preferences. AWARD-WINNING JOURNALISM Download the South China Morning Post app and receive instant access to the SCMP’s award-winning journalism including coverage of the latest breaking news, both regionally and globally, including: Coronavirus, US-China trade war and tech war, Biden vs Xi Jinping, the Hong Kong National Security law, Hong Kong protests and electoral changes, China military, South China Sea news, China’s relations with the EU, India and Australia, health and wellness, fashion and lifestyle updates, climate change and much much more. KEY FEATURES Breaking news alerts to keep you updated with exclusives, explainers, live coverage and developing stories Article bookmarking to save your favourite features and articles ‘My News’ - Follow your favourite topic/author and get five daily stories curated for you, plus a personalised feed of our most popular content Customisable top menu so you can move what matters to the top Resigned quick-access menu to browse articles with ease and speed Store articles under ‘Reading history’ for later browsing CONTENT AND COVERAGE Keep informed with the latest Hong Kong and China headlines, opinion pieces, plus stories from the rest of the world Full access to all SCMP content, including publications such as Post Magazine, This Week in Asia and Style Full access to SCMP’s award-winning journalism including Hong Kong news, China news, Asia news, Business, Politics, Economy, Lifestyle, Tech, Health, and Sports Wide-range of regional topics from our Asia experts including North Korea, South China Sea tensions, China’s Economy, Belt and Road, K-pop, as-well-as a spotlight on China’s tech-giants such as Tencent, Baidu, Bytedance, and Alibaba, Huawei and Xiaomi Explore new ways to discover our insightful, unique content and current issues with SCMP Films, SCMP Spotlight and SCMP Podcasts, plus video, infographics, pictures and special reports TERMS OF USE All content in the South China Morning Post is copyright South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd 2020. All rights reserved. Terms of use and privacy policy apply when accessing content via the South China Morning Post app. Privacy policy: Terms and conditions: Feedback and Enquiries: If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at or (852) 2565 9388. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the app please email us. Support: The app has been designed to run on iPhone 7 and above and on OS versions 11 and above.



  • 👴花钱就是来看广告的吗

    By Floatingsong
    下个手机app就是为了零散时间看点新闻 这破app上广告这么多 为啥不去电脑端看呢? 为什么不用手机浏览器看呢?烂活 举办了
  • Good, with some flaws

    By Samzouu
    Overall, I enjoy the content and the generally balanced reporting of news on China. However, there are several suggestions and room for improvement in my opinion: 1. The app should support dark mode so that it makes it easier for readers to read at night or those who want to read the news after they just woke up. 2. Better UI design for iPads. Right now, it is very awkward to operate on iPad, especially when one clicks on an article. The half menu half content display is very uncomfortable and unnecessary. 3. Comment section should be integrated with the page, not be directed to another page
  • has big heading blank issue

    By geniusql2020
    seriously damage user experience when reading
  • Sad decline

    By prof sen lin
    Increasingly useless owing to CCP control. Once a great paper
  • Ads …

    By studeb1
    I do not understand why there are still ads with a paid subscription. Even give us a tier that is more expensive without ads ? It’s so bad I completely unsubscribed.
  • Thomas L Hill

    By Tommy 5P
    Well researched and well written news of the day! SCMP seeks to inform and enlighten! Your reporters are a breath of fresh air!
  • Still charge you full price during trial period?

    By CUFinancialWizard
    After seeing a lot of ads even with the paid version, I decided to cancel. Then I realized that the trial period it provides perhaps is not a free trial. IOS says I will still be charged for the subscription until the next billing period. Sounds like some kind of trick or scam. Watch out!
  • Censorship in NSL era

    By Lexustheimpalwr
    This is just a propaganda mouthpiece for the CCP. Trash journalism. Fake news !
  • App drowns paid subs w ads

    By NYC3000000
    Absolutely no other self-respecting news outlet does this
  • Format

    By jeuekeutnfowuoduc
    Prefer the old format. Cannot find all articles. Feel it is limiting. Feel boxed in to a few feeds



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