Navionics® Boating

Navionics® Boating

By Garmin Italy Technologies S.R.L.

Score: 2.9
From 1,855 Ratings


Get up-to-date, detailed charts you can use offline plus a boatload of features on your mobile device, so they’re on hand wherever you go. The Boating app is a must-have for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water. Try it free for a limited time. To continue using charts and advanced features, you can purchase a yearly auto-renewable subscription*. A COMPLETE PACKAGE • INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED NAVIONICS® CHARTS: Use them offline along with multiple overlays, so you can be more aware of what’s above and below the water. - NAUTICAL CHART: Use this premier marine reference to study port plans, anchorages and safety depth contours, locate navaids, marine services and more. - SONARCHART™ HD BATHYMETRY MAPS: Extraordinary 1’ (0.5 meter) HD bottom contour detail is the ideal tool for locating new fishing areas. - U.S. GOVERNMENT CHARTS (NOAA): These are available within the following coverages: U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Caribbean to Brazil. - OVERLAYS: The relief shading overlay allows you to have a better understanding of bottom topography for improved fishing and diving. Sonar imagery reveals bottom hardness clearly and in vivid color on select lakes. Want more? Display satellite imagery on land and water. - MAP OPTIONS: Change chart-overlay combinations to customize chart views, activate night mode, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges and more. - DAILY UPDATES: Benefit from up to 5,000 daily updates worldwide. • TOOLS FOR PLANNING AND ENJOYING YOUR DAY - AUTO GUIDANCE+TM TECHNOLOGY**: Easily plan your trip with a suggested dock-to-dock path based on chart data and navigation aids. Get ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more. - WEATHER AND TIDES: Knowing conditions before heading out is crucial. Access real-time weather data, daily and hourly forecasts as well as wind, weather buoys, tides and currents. - MARKERS, TRACKS, DISTANCE: Place a marker on a good anchorage spot or where you reeled in a big fish. Record your track, take photos and videos within the app, and look back at your day anytime. Easily check distance among two points. • AN ACTIVE AND HELPFUL COMMUNITY - COMMUNITY EDITS and the ACTIVECAPTAIN® COMMUNITY: Obtain and contribute useful local knowledge along with thousands of fellow boaters, such as points of interest, navigation aids and valuable recommendations from people with firsthand experience of the local environment. - CONNECTIONS: Stay in touch with your friends and fellow boaters by sharing your live location, tracks, routes and markers to easily meet on the water or let them check out your adventures. - GPX IMPORT/EXPORT: Share your saved data outside the app or transfer it to your chartplotter. - SHARE MAP OBJECTS: Share a marina, repair shop or any other location outside the app. • EXTERNAL DEVICE-FRIENDLY FOR MORE FEATURES - PLOTTER SYNC: If you own a compatible chartplotter, sync it with the app to transfer routes and markers, activate, update or renew your Navionics chartplotter card subscription. - SONARCHART LIVE MAPPING FEATURE***: Connect with a compatible sonar/plotter, and create your own maps in real time while navigating. - AIS: Connect to a compatible AIS receiver with Wi-Fi® connectivity to see nearby marine traffic. Set a safe range, and receive visual and aural alerts to signal potential collisions. NOTES: *You can manage your subscription anytime, and you can turn auto-renewal off. **Auto Guidance+ is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations ***Free features Updates are available with iOS 13.0 or higher. A tablet device with Wi-Fi connectivity locates your approximate position if it is connected to Wi-Fi. A tablet Wi-Fi + 3G model operates similarly to a phone device with GPS. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. iOS is a trademark licensed to Apple, Inc.



  • Too Expensive

    By cme9880
    This app is better than the competitors, but $50/year is absurd. I-Boating is close enough in quality and a lot cheaper.
  • So, you went from $15/year to $50?

    By 212r
    Does that include renewal for my MFD card as well? I guess not.
  • Not worth it anymore

    By r00t_apple
    So Garmin decided to milk to death Navionics. Basically doing nothing to improve the app, increasing prices and now unable to download maps that I was paid year ago (imaging this with paper maps). Moving to C-MAP. RIP Navionics.
  • No Magnetic Heading 👎

    By robfont
    I genuinely like many/most of the features of Navionics, I like the interface, I love the infinite direction pointer, fast to load, dashboard is OK, but that all is lost because it delivers heading and bearings in True North and not Magnetic North. This makes the app almost useless for real navigation and true chart plotting. Without Magnetic North this is only a little better then Google maps with navigation boys overlay. I honestly can’t believe they would put out a serious nautical navigation tool without Magnetic North, it makes it feel like a toy.
  • Limited Waypoint Storage

    By Jfm550
    Downloaded the App after purchasing a new Platinum + chip for my chartplotter. Really feel you should get the App for free when you purchase the chip. But my biggest complaint is the App is limited to only 1000 waypoints. Most every chartplotter made holds at least 3000 so I am unable to sync the two.
  • Spring 2024 Bugs Appearing

    By Kptmorgan04
    This is my go to phone planning and back up navigation app. It typically used to be highly functional but as of Spring 2024 the route planning has been nearly unusable where it will not auto route even short, non complex routes and at times shut down when manually building routes. This is extremely unfortunate and frustrating based on the cost of the subscription and that it used to work without issue.
  • Don’t bother

    By Campfire218
    I’ve been using Navionics for many years. Never really to navigate, I have onboard GPS for that. I mainly use the app to look for landmarks, scout fishing areas, look at lakes I was unfamiliar with and save some waypoints. I tried using it this past weekend only to discover the lifetime license I purchased to use the app wasn’t my lifetime, it was up to their discretion to decide the definition of “lifetime” the app is basically useless now without a paid monthly subscription.
  • ETA- what happened here?

    By doninlancaster
    Have been making some journeys on the upper Chesapeake this past week and straddling Navionics for the 500’ view atop Axiom unit for 1500’ view- all perfect EXCEPT- 1)data crush but more importantly- 2)- ETA is COMPLETELY catawampus- diving far into the future leaving me completely unaware of the true timing. PLEASE FIX this latter issue. Thanks- my wallet and wellbeing.
  • Frustrated with Navionics Boating

    By SVComplexity
    I am so angry with Navionics that it is hard to know where to start. I have been a heavy user of the Navionics Boating app since 2015 while sailing from Australia to the Mediterranean. With the problems in the updated app and cost to buy the charts for three regions twice to have them on the two phones and two iPads that my husband and I will use on our 36-foot sailboat during our upcoming passage from Malta to the Caribbean, we are ready to ditch the app and start over with another. Here’s the problems I found yesterday after updating the app and subscribing to three chart areas we will need. I am pretty sure there are more problems that are not yet obvious to me. Night vision is horrible because the dark color on the water obscures important chart data such as depths and hazards!!! Can this feature be disabled? It turns on automatically at night. I selected day view, but am not confident the problem won’t recur automatically at a critical moment in the future. Switching back to North Up every time you touch the screen is frustrating and potentially dangerous. The chart orientation should stay the way the mariner sets it until they change the setting. Changing the chart orientation without warning is dangerous. I read that you can prevent the problem by just using the plus and minus arrows to zoom in and out which are a very crude way to do so. It is a touch screen so the touch features should be usable without altering the chart orientation. All of the views except chart view may be dangerous because they obscure navigation data such as depth! The nautical chart data should be clearly presented no matter what overlay is added. It is a boating navigation app after all. I have always been annoyed at Navionics for ignorantly calling nautical charts maps. The latest updates clearly confirms my long time suspicion that the developers are not mariners, have no regard for safety at sea, and develop features just because they think they would be technically cool. They should try using features they develop to actually navigate a vessel at sea before adding them to the app. What might seem like a great feature while sitting at a desk in an office could be a disaster at sea. Is anybody actually a mariner at Navionics? Do they ever ask mariners what they want? Do they test prospective new features on an actual boat before adding them to the app? Anyway, the above are the list of defects we have discovered on our updated Navionics Boating app in less than 24 hours. There are probably more serious gotchas that we don’t want to discover on our passage from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean later this year. Yesterday we renewed our Boating Navionics chart area subscription for the Med and added Africa and the Caribbean before using the updated app. We are very unhappy with the app changes and regard some as outright dangerous. Since we bought the charts we should be able to use them in any app, we prefer one created by more responsible developers. I will ask but doubt a refund or transfer will be accommodated. After I ran into problems with Navionics Boating in the last 24 hours I decided to read through the reviews in the Apple App Store. I discovered that I am not the only one having these problems. I also saw clearly that there is no real and effective effort by the developers to help their customers and fix the serious problems they reported. I even found myself wondering if the responses to reviews are AI generated without any human being from Boating Navionics involved. We are retired pensioners on a fixed and modest income. The limit of having Navionics Boating charts on only two devices is unacceptable on our 36-foot sailboat with a crew of two. That expense is in addition to buying the charts from Navionics for our two RayMarine chartplotters. We have two iPhones and two iPads. We tried my husband logging out of his iPhone and me logging into the app on our iPad. No joy. The charts disappeared and required being downloaded again! To get Navionics operational again on my iPad I would have to buy the charts again for an additional $150!!!!! We should be able to use our expensive Navionics Boating charts on all of our devices. I read that Aqua Maps allows theirs to be used on five devices per subscription. Navionics has now started requiring logging into an account to start the app if you have been logged out. The process requires 2-part authentication via a numeric code sent to your email address. It is clear that Navionics does not understand that boats are often in places without an Internet connection. Imagine getting inadvertently logged out of Navionics in the middle of an ocean passage and needing a code from an email address you don’t have access to offshore to bring your navigation system back up!!! I wrote this review without any expectation of a satisfactory response from the company. I wanted to give other mariners a heads up to the problems we have experienced in just a few days. Others might benefit from knowing before they decide which navigation app and charts to purchase for their boat.
  • What a decline!

    By MyNameIsDannyXRA
    I woke up this morning to a notification to renew my Navionics app. $49.99??? Is this how you treat 10+ year customers who have stayed loyal and referred hundreds of customers? This is a ballsy move from the greedy subpar Garmin corporation. The app was working great before Garmin bought it, now it doesn’t track right at trolling speeds, it gets stuck, spins around aimlessly and points at the ring direction. It went down so much in quality. Stop adding all these fancy useless features that no one can use while on a rolling sea. Go back to the solid nav app this used to be. Needless to say I will NOT BE renewing an overpriced membership for something I use as a back up. There are plenty of better choices out there. $30 per year is the most I’m willing to pay for this and that’s a lot! If Garmin are smart, they realize they made a bad move. I KNEW that Garming would ef this up as soon as I saw that they bought it from Simrad. They had their own Garmin app which sucked and no one wanted, they just had to buy this one and run it into the ground.



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