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  • Amazing

    By FelixAndDanny
    I LOVE reading the stories on this app. A must download.
  • Coins are not a great idea

    By Coins nono
    I think coins are overrated and stupid they should be free wait no I think coins should not be on the app

    By Itznana22
    There are so many good WEBTOON’s, different plots/variety/genre. The translation is good too! I like how it shows the most popular ones depending on the genre, a lot of options to read and just review. I have many saved to read. I have to wait for chapters cause I don’t buy coins but it’s fine, I tend to read once the WEBTOON is finished.
  • BL

    By dinobunnytiktik
    I just love the bl on here 💅
  • How do I sign in if I don’t have an email address?

    By this app is confusing now
    I don’t have an email address so if I wanna make a WEBTOON I really have to sign?! Wow looks like this is your first time you got a one star
  • Quality has gone down

    By 51nkz
    I've been using this app since near the beginning of the launch. It was a simple web comic app I could read fresh new stories that uploaded every day with something new to see. I loved reading on it during my breaks at work and have continued to use it to today. Up until a few years ago is when I noticed a slow but notable drop in quality on the app. Not the web comics themselves, but the actual application and handling of announcements. Slow starts, invasive notifications, banner pop ups that take way too long to close, said pop ups that I repeatedly keep opting out of but they keep popping up, and the lack of communication with readers and users. I've held back on my criticism of the app for a while now, but my faith in how this app is being run is dwindling with every update. It finally hit rock bottom when they increased the daily pass coins from 5 to 7 coins and I will stress THIS IS NOT A JAB AT THE AUTHORS. They have no control over the pricing, and what actually bothers me is the lack of communication webtoon's has with their audience. They have various social media's they could have told us these changes were happening on, but they chose to do it on a blog that WE had to ask to see because nobody knew it existed. It was incredibly frustrating. Constant pop ups and notifications for your webtoon's, but no designated area to see where these changes are happening on? Not a good look. On fast passes, they now have some new series go directly to daily pass, which I will admit is cheaper than daily pass (it's 3 coins in stead of 7) WHILE it's still being updated. I can understand this for completed series, but new ones? Another bad look. Another note to make is the radio silence when it comes to some series that go on hiatus out of nowhere. Again, I am NOT targeting the authors who deserve rest because of how hard they work, but I can't help but question how webtoon handles this. We hear one thing from an author who tell us specifically when they will return, and webtoon gives us nothing. No update, no notification, just leaving fans hanging while we find out that the series has either been canceled or booted with no warning from the creators own social media. I will say as a positive that webtoon's has impacted how a lot of people consume comics (both smaller and larger alike) and that it IS a good app to read on, but in recent years I'm starting to expect less and less. I won't say not to download because even with my frustrations, I still do read on it, but they way I go about it now is less active than I did a couples of years ago. I'm only pointing out my own frustrations with the app as it stands now. Now if someone asks about this app, I have to tell them a laundry list of things to watch out for, especially when they want to create on the app.
  • Bad Platform, Good Content

    By slightlypissedguy
    The Webtoon app runs terribly in my experience. I used to think it was my use of an old phone, but I have recently upgraded and performance issues are still crippling. I love the creators and stories on the platform, but it takes me several times longer to read the stories I enjoy due to abysmal performance of the app itself. Continued use will probably shave years of life off of my phone if the excessive heat it generates after reading more than a handful of chapters is any indication.
  • Webtoon

    By Terrible commnist president
    So I've been reading webtoon for the past few months gotten really into it and I love it it's almost better than reading some manga to me but the one thing that is annoying for me is the coin system I wish that webtoon would add like a monthly subscription to be able to see the episodes that are ahead because I would most definitely pay if webtoon had a subscriber service I think it would be better than purchasing coins. Anyways still love the app and creators
  • Fast Pass is stupid.

    By yuppitsnobodyy
    WEBTOON used to have nothing to pay for so you could read as many episodes as you want. But now you have to wait an ENTIRE 24 hours for a pass to read 1 chapter of a story. It’s stupid. And if you don’t wanna wait you have to pay for coins to read a story and I just think it’s dumb and shouldn’t be a thing.
  • Disappointed

    By SadMangaReader:(
    I use to love this app. I would literally read day in and day out but now all I ever get is cut off by daily passes even when I’m on episode 200 and I’ve been reading it from the start with no issues. Literally my only issue is the daily passes



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