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Score: 4.2
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Our app is a professional online novel reading platform. The platform gathers all kinds of excellent novels, covering romance, urban, werewolf, metaphysical and other genres, each novel has its own unique charm, providing users with the ultimate reading experience. Features: 1. Romance: a collection of modern romance novels, ancient romance novels and crossover novels, the well-designed romantic stories can bring users beautiful love fantasies. 2. Urban novels: tells the struggle stories of urban employees, involving workplace, emotions, family and other aspects, reflecting the social values of urban people. 3. Werewolf novels: contain the most primitive impulses and instincts of werewolves, explore the bright side and dark side of human nature, and give readers psychological stimulation and satisfaction. 4. Fantasy novels: build novel worldview and magic system, outline human nature through bizarre fantasy sentences, bring users endless fantasy fun.



  • Stories

    By neeeyamanda
    I love the stories I just wish we had more chances to earn tickets/points to buy the stories.
  • We need a few minutes

    By tiioivooh
    I’m not going anywhere
  • Customer service

    By justj@zz
    No customer service and I paid for my coins and never received them.
  • The alpha chose me

    By Theresa TN
    Over charged. No customer service to reach. Paid for 1000 coins $9.99 but was charged over $20.
  • Books

    By carps59
    Love the stories
  • Great app

    By haz3lq
    I love the stories and it’s easy to navigate
  • Too much

    By Jc_m!
    I got caught up in a story and before I knew it I paid over 100$ for ONE story. A bit ridiculous really. Upset with myself but if you like reading you understand. However I don’t think it’s worth the cost.
  • Crazy pricing

    By ccamgcc
    I started a store on here and when it came time to make a purchase to finish the story, I did. Except I realized the app never told me the total “coins” I would need to finish nir did it give me an option to purchase for the remainder of chapters. After a second choice purchase, I realized the book was broken down into 200 chapters! It would cost almost $8000 coins to finish the book which in total would bring me somewhere between $80-$100. Pure insanity especially for the writing. Really disappointed in the lack of transparency and the money I wasted to not finish.
  • I really like it

    By A_ngy
    It has great stories and the buy out is good as well.
  • To read a full book $300

    By efwfwce
    The chapters are so long to an average of 300-400 chapters. I purchased $35 in coins and only read 120 chapters, I was under the impression it was the price for the full book but no they expect you to pay a ludicrous amount of money when you can easily go to Amazon kindle $15 a month unlimited. This app is such a scam couldn’t finish the book and my time was wasted! Beware delete the entire app! You’ve been warned.



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