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Protect your home and family from offensive content in movies and shows. VidAngel lets you filter profanity, nudity, violence, and more. Have you ever sat down to watch a show, only for an unexpected sex scene or barrage of foul language to send you scrambling for the remote control? Over a million people have used VidAngel to skip the stuff they don’t want to see or hear in thousands of streaming movies and TV shows. With VidAngel, you set customizable filters for content such as profanity, blasphemy, nudity, adult content, graphic violence and more, putting you in complete control of the entertainment in your home. How does VidAngel work? • Sign up for a VidAngel account. We offer monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time (see our subscription and other end-user terms of service at • Connect your existing streaming services–VidAngel works with Netflix®, Prime Video®, Apple TV+® and a number of Amazon® premium channels, including Paramount+®, STARZ®, AMC+®, Showtime®, PBS Masterpiece® and Britbox®. • VidAngel also offers a ton of original content from Angel Studios, including The Chosen and Dry Bar Comedy, all included with your VidAngel subscription. • Set default filters for the stuff you never want to see or hear. You can also fine tune your filters each time you watch. • Pop some popcorn. • Hit play and enjoy the show on your iOS device, without the stuff that used to make you squirm. Start binging with less cringing today, with VidAngel.



  • Ok, until the GLITCH!!

    By Dlashll
    So at first this app was very good and I would have rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but then after every episode it would not let me watch the next episode, like I send it to my tv and it turns into a no sound stop motion that makes no science!!! Good idea, but could use some work. 😔
  • Neat service garbage app

    By Lashldu
    Latest update doesn’t allow you to cast with airplay. Oh, and they offer no apps on any devices
  • I wish it worked - stole my $$ instead

    By Pickles48643
    The app crashes constantly. Stuck with it for an hour, then the app froze up completely, no allowing me to watch a movie I had RENTED from Amazon. So now I’m out that money, and your app still stinks. Fix it!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its a bit buggy

    By mmackay124
    Love the app. It just needs a few bug fixes. The biggest one is that the sound of a show continue to play when you go out of it and sometimes still plays when you start a new thing so then you have 2 things playing at once. Also sometimes filters don’t work. For example to filter out a certain word, the word sometimes still plays or is in the subtitles.
  • Love this app

    By all the nicknamess aree takenn
    I love this app so much. It lets me watch so many things I otherwise could not have watched! The price is good and I love how you can choose your own filters!
  • Very disappointed

    By waist of $$$$$
    I wasn’t able to see if my subscription options were part of this service. This is NOT compatible with Peacock or hardly any other service than Netflix or Amazon. I love the concept but a complete waste of money. I do not recommend signing on unless all you watch is Netflix. Completely outdated
  • Game changer, changed the rules

    By Atay830
    Turns hollywood on its head. Wish i had this forever ago!
  • Tuttletwins is far-right propaganda

    By quigleyxavierofthestorm
    Quotes from the creator of TuttleTwins on race in reference to a Proud Family episode on white fragility: “There’s much more where this came from. You’re foolish if you think the corporate media won’t be pumping more garbage ideas like these into children’s media. That’s why parents need tools to fight back and teach truth to their kids. That’s why @tuttletwins exists.” On vaccines: “ Because nothing says “healthy development” quite like repeatedly injecting foreign substances into your child’s bloodstream.” Racism should have no place at VidAngel. Anti-vax rhetoric should have no place at VidAngel. Cancel Tuttle Twins.
  • Thank you for your software

    By LHWM2008
    VidAngel is one of many services out there. I tried Enjoy Movies Your Way but kept having issues with the free version. So I decided to try this company. Best decision I’ve made. I’m connected to Prime and Netflix. It takes out all the cuss words and nudity. I enjoy movies based on true events without the language. Please keep up the awesome work and support.
  • I wouldn’t recommend at all

    By Austin artrip
    This app should be free bro, I bought it and not a lot of movies are on it and I cant watch half of the movies bc a stupid thing says Netflix of Amazon and I don’t have the Amazon one and hardly any of the movies are Netflix soooo yea.



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