Backgammon - Board Games

Backgammon - Board Games

By Easybrain

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-12-18
  • Current Version: 1.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 169.16 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 43,267 Ratings


Backgammon is a classic board game popular with many players around the world. Whether you are a beginner or expert player, this game may help to exercise your mind or relax after a long day at work. Enjoy classic gameplay right on your device, train your brain and have fun! How to play Backgammon: - Classic Backgammon is a logic puzzle for two, played on a board of 24 triangles called points. - Each player sits on the opposite sides of the board with 15 checkers, black or white. - To start the game, players take turns and roll the dice. - Players move pieces based on the numbers rolled. For example, if you roll 2 and 5, you can move one piece 2 points and another one 5 points. Alternatively, you can move one piece 7 points. - Once all of a player’s pieces are in his or her “home”, that player may begin removing pieces off of the board. - A player wins once all of their pieces are removed from the board. A few more things to know: - Rolling two of the same number allows you to move 4 times. For example, for a roll of 4 and 4, you can move a total of 16 points, although each piece must move 4 points at a time. - You cannot move a piece to a point that is occupied by 2 or more of your opponent’s pieces - If you move a piece to a point with only 1 of your opponent’s pieces on it, the rival’s piece is removed from the board and placed on the middle partition. Simple and intuitive design lets you focus on the gameplay and master your skills. Start your first round, challenge yourself and keep your brain active!



  • Greatest Backgammon App Ever!!!

    By Janeathor
    I have been playing this app for months and I’m addicted. My friends all make fun of me for playing the game so much, but I have already converted a couple of them. This app is super easy to use and makes it super fun. My one thing I would like to see added is an online option, but besides that, the ads aren’t that bad compared to other backgammon apps I have tried. Love the game!
  • Rolls Not Random

    By TookaBrody
    I had fun starting out. Yet when I moved up to medium skill level, it was not about “skill,” it meant the computer rolls exactly what it needs to land on your exposed blot. And then, when rolling from the bar, I rolled double-6s, double 5s, and double-6s again, each time not able to re-enter the board. A little too coincidental if you ask me, not to mention frustrating. Just the fact that I rolled doubles 3x in a row tells me these are not random rolls. Makes me want to abandon this app altogether when this occurs. This game needs more tweaking. Hope the developer can take this feedback into consideration and improve this app.
  • WAY TOO many ADS!

    By NanaPlaysGames
    I understand that developers need to get paid for their work and continued maintenance and upkeep…. But seriously the ads are excessive! Every couple of moves (and I literally mean every 2 moves) an AD pops up). Not to mention ADs at the end of the game and 2 at the beginning! :[ Also, as many others have mentioned the rolling of doubles is NOT random, favoring the AI. Developers make the rolls truly random… stop ‘stacking’ the rolls in favor of the computer. Sadly I will be deleting this app if it continues to spoil what should be an enjoyable game!!
  • Die rolls don’t seem random

    By wish laourue
    It was fun for a few games but when the host kept getting multiple doubles during the final part, it seemed rigged. Happened game after game so I deleted the app. Odds were stacked too one sided.
  • Too many ads.

    By Flrabbit
    Fine at first with just a few ads. Then progressively worsening till it was like 4 ads over bane and two or more between games.
  • finger on scale

    By 10000nicknames
    I like the graphics, I like the movement. after playing many games, I have found that once you become comfortable playing the game the programmers screw you. I have played hundreds of thousands of games of backgammon (over 40+ years) but this program gets to a point where it only rolls doubles for the opponent whilst you can only roll unusable combinations. It's like all the current computer games which are designed to teach you the only winning hand is to delete the app. I could have predicted the response of the developer – in fact I did predict the response of the programmer. they claim everything is as a result of a random number generator – that may be true after they've eliminated certain combinations already, depending on whether it's the program player or the live player. it would have been a wonderful game if they programmed it straight -but when in multiple games in sequence, the computer rolls high doubles on every roll & the human is given low non-usuable combinations on EVERY roll - that's not random. I was just amazed at how many times that the computer snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat in many consecutive games. I finally figured out the correct winning strategy – I deleted the app.
  • Worthless

    By Incognito eye
    Worthless game
  • Backgammon

    By rrsullivan3rd
    Excellent game
  • Terrible and garbage design.

    By m yosefi
    This app doesn't roll the dice impartially and cheats; this isn't luck, it's a trick to make you lose every time.
  • Dice rolls are not random!

    By mrhale
    EDIT: I wrote this review before reading other reviews. Funny how most of them are identifying the same problem. This game is well done and fun, but frustrating due to dice rolls. My doubles are frequently 1s. Computer’s doubles consist of 5s and 6s. Fine. Adapt and overcome. Just played game on Medium setting. I had all tokens in home row and even had 1 put away. Computer had several tokens outside home row, including one clear on the other side of the board. I knew I was going to win. BUT NO! I proceeded to roll a 1 - 2 combo for most of my remaining rolls in the game. Computer rolled everything it needed to get all its tokens in home row and then put away. Of course it won. I lost by 1. Cmon man! There’s no way that happens with real dice. Please make the dice flat-out random!



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